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Guaranteed, once you try it.. you’ll be hooked.

Our hand and body sugar scrub is made with all vegetable and organic ingredients. Normally, scrubs are used simply as a mild exfoliator, helping to remove dead skin cells; but ours is much more than that! it includes rich moisturizers, emulsifiers, oils and fatty acids, essentially making it a scrub WITH moisturizing qualities.

We could have used salt; but it tends to create an un-appealing pool of oil on the product. We found sugar actually absorbs more of the oils. Also, Salt can tend to be extremely abrasive, while sugar is much milder, and more apt to remove just the dead skin cells, leaving your healthy skin growing underneath unharmed.

When using, we suggest mixing it with a little water, and scrub away. After rinsing you will notice your skin is soft and conditioned, without the greasy after-feel of most salt scrubs, which leaves you just wanting to wash your hands again. Try it for yourself, we know you'll love it!

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