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"As an Image Stylist, I help people look and feel beautiful and nurtured in every area of their life, including their skincare. For the last 25 years I have worked in the beauty and skincare industry and have tried the most expensive and well-marketed skin creams. The Green Canary's products are some of the VERY BEST I have ever found, at an unbelievable price. My pickiest organic, essential~oil clients LOVE these lotions! I lived in Utah for 13 years in desert conditions and I would not go without this lotion on every desk and night table. I use all of TGC products and love them all, especially the lip balms.

The most striking thing about the lotion is that it moisturizes deeply without a greasy residue!

TGC products have been my client's favorite gifts over the years. I love how you packaged them! I'm so thankful for the work you do."

Auretha Callison
★Soul Styling★
Visibility Expert & Stylist
Transform Your Image. Create Your Dream.

"The Green Canary lotion is the absolute best lotion I have EVER used! When I first looked at the ingredients on the label, I could hardly believe that there were NO harmful ingredients. Even "natural" lotions almost always have one or two questionable ingredients.

I have always had sensitive skin and have to be very careful about what I put on my skin. Prior to finding Green Canary lotion, whenever I would find a completely natural lotion it would feel heavy on my skin.

My search for the PERFECT lotion has ended with Green Canary! My skin and I couldn't be happier!"

  • S.A. Bennett, happy customer